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You have to think about the right time to raise your bet when betting on Lidewapoker

Here’s Caro’s advice on playing medium pocket pairs on low / medium limit hold’em, to which I’ll add a few comments: “With 9-9 in the hole, it makes sense to assume your hand was ahead of the flop; so you’re likely to dilute the pitch by raising, hoping to get a better chance of keeping the lead through to the end. The problem here is that weaker hands can fold to your raise, but stronger hands can be expected to see the flop nonetheless – especially those with honor cards.

“On average, one out of three times, each opponent will match one of his holecards. Then, unless you fail a set visit Lidewapoker, you may have a lost hand. In low-limit games, players who only have one honor card on the hole often stick around to see the flop. So, you might as well be limping. “

If the honor card doesn’t fall over the flop, your pocket nine pockets may still take the lead. According to columnist George “The Engineer” Epstein, with only two cards to come, “it would be time to bet or raise to thin the field. May your middle partner continue to take the lead. “

If you’re lucky and get a set or better from the flop (odds are 8 to 1), consider betting or increasing the score; or you might slow down the game to build up the pot in a later betting round when the stakes are twice as big.

Even if the honor card fails, there’s a good chance that everyone is checking on you. Now, consider the type of opponent involved. If no one cheats, your bet on the flop will be correct. Look left to say: Did anyone collect a batch of chips to bet or raise? Otherwise, your bet might win the bet when everything is folded. (Remember, they can only guess the strength of your hand.)

If a player is out betting in front of you, consider the nature of the game. If he’s tight, the flop may have helped make his hands – chances are a pair is higher than yours. If so, fold your arms calmly; save some chips.

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