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The human challenge is overcoming playing video poker

Elliot Frome, author of the “Winning Tactics” column for Gaming Today, has recently written several columns on Video Poker. In the December 19th issue, he explains “Tactics Tables” in great detail – what these tables (diagrams) are and how to use them for the best results in playing video poker.

Video poker has been in casinos for about 40 years and has become really popular, especially among some gamblers who are increasingly happy to play alone, without any matches.

But there is one BIG difference – an important difference – compared to what I call “REAL Poker.” Playing Video Poker, you are only dealing with the machine – the same as you are playing slots visit Domino777, human connection is completely non-existent. There are only players and machines.

Another form of poker, skilled players count the number of cards that will end their hand – out – to determine the card odds, as well as compare them to the pot odds. From this, he could quickly predict the Desired Value. This is like using Tactic Tables for Video Poker. And that is where the similarity of skills begins and ends.

But, in my view, which is increasingly important, the human component simply does not exist in playing video poker. There are no enemies sitting around you, competing with bets and raising stakes for the same pot. No bluffing. There are no “opponents” to beat … no moves to apply some of your other poker skills.

That way, there’s no need to judge your enemies – what kind of hands they might be holding, as well as how you’d like each one to play them.

Don’t bother looking for more info. There is a complete underestimation of the enemy’s playing character – no loose or tight, aggressive or passive players, or deceptive players.

There are no calling stations; no trapped “maniacs”; not playing sluggishly; no increase control for making pot size; nothing is bluffing. he machine doesn’t know the difference.

Therefore, the skills required to come home to win in Video Poker are limited to the power to use Tactic Tables (or the same as) – hardly comparable to some of the skills you can use in real poker. I am wondering what we should say Poker.

Farther back in Video Poker, with no competing enemies, no psychology; there is also no social relationship. Some picnic players enjoy the opportunity to connect with other players as well as the dealer sitting at the table – to talk to them, watch them, smile or frown at them.

With all due respect to my Gaming Today partners, apart from the vast column, I will continue with Video Poker – as well as if I have a Tactic Table at my disposal – and still be based on real poker.

What do you think? I will give you a signed copy of my book, “The Art of Bluffing,” as well as “Esther Bluff,” for the best response received within the next two weeks. E-mail me with your thoughts.

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