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LagaPoker – Look for Payback on your bets

Payback is the percent of the total bet that a player can expect to return to him when he plays a particular game. The important part here is the total amount staked. The amount you buy is meaningless.

We need to add up every dollar (or nickel or dime or quarter) you risk at any point in the game during your play. If you play video poker and play the same amount per hand, calculating your total bet is very easy just visit LagaPoker. This is the number of hands you are playing times the amount staked per hand. So, if you are playing 700 max coin quarter hand, you are betting 700 times $ 1.25 or $ 875.

If you play blackjack, the calculations aren’t that simple. You have to keep track of the number of times you multiply and divide. On average, you are betting about 1.14 times the base bet when playing blackjack. So, if you wagered $ 10, you were actually making about $ 11.40 per hand. If you play 50 hands, we can estimate your total bet as $ 570.

If you’re playing a game like Ultimate Texas Hold’em, you’ll need to keep track of how many times you play 4x, 2x, 1x and fold. You will enter your ante and blind bets, but not Trips as these are independent bets with self-returns.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em also has an average bet per hand associated with it. I believe it’s between 4 and 5 units. This means a $ 5 player is really around $ 22 per player hand, assuming Expert Strategy is used. Since we know many players are afraid to walk away from 4x bets as often as they should, your average bet per hand is probably less than this. So, to get a more accurate picture, it’s probably best to keep an eye on all your bets.


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