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KingPoker99 – Synopsis of Veteran Film, Actions of Arrest of Yoo Ah In, Big Criminals

The synopsis of the Veteran film is quite interesting to understand. Veteran films come from the land of ginseng. Except for drama, South Korea produces films of several types. Veteran films are done with this type of action plus criminal scenes. The film, which has been launched since 2015, is quite interesting. This film, which was worked on by Seung Wan Ryoo, was played by several actresses. It can be said that this film is studded with many stars who also played. It’s no wonder that the Veteran movie can get a lot of attention from viewers.

How could I not, this film exists with such tense type of action. The film, which is made with a lot of funds, has a big profit. It is estimated that the profit will be around 94.3 million dollars. If converted into rupiah, it would be equal to 1.3 trillion. The synopsis of the Veteran film features the famous star Hwang Jung Min. Not only that, he will compete acting with Yoo Ah In, Yoo Hae Jin, and Oh Dal Su. And Kim Shi Hoo and Jang Yoon Ju also played in this film. Some of these potential stars will of course put on some amazing acting. It doesn’t hurt to feel if this film is referenced for you. This action film with the topic Veteran tells about a detective whose name is Search engine optimization Do Cheol.

Do Cheol’s search engine optimization is itself a successful detective in every problem. He is portrayed as a figure who never gives up. Until he did not give up hope in doing his job. He still has the strong will to end the problem over which he is overcome. Of course Do Cheol’s search engine optimization is not alone in doing the job. He was assisted by other members and identified with associates.

The team that includes Do Cheol’s Search engine optimization has amazing solidity. Not confused if this team continues to successfully catch the target. In the synopsis of the Veteran film, it begins to tell the beginning of the dispute. Previously, this problem was triggered by Do Cheol’s good brother who fell into a coma. The problem grew with the suicide incident of his good brother. This gives Do Cheol an urge to end this matter.

It is suspected that this crime is related to Jae Tae Oh. It can also be said that he is a big criminal. Jae Tae Oh is a young man with great wealth. Not confused if he has an arrogant character and acts as he pleases. Like extorting some workers and drivers at the dock. In the end, Do Cheol’s close relative or close friend becomes the victim. What will Do Cheol do? If you guessed it, then the thing this detective did was catch him.

Several things happened when Do Cheol wanted to catch Jae Tae Oh. With power and property, of course it is not easy to catch these criminals. Jae Tae Oh himself felt like he was being chased. But with the character he has, he’s really not the least bit afraid. The connections from his so-called KingPoker99 conglomerate certainly helped. This is a certain obstacle for Do Cheol’s search engine optimization to catch the killer of this close friend. The synopsis of the Veteran film shows Yoo Ah In for a big criminal. Even though it was dominated by action scenes, the director showed some silliness. This makes the film even more interesting. Not gripping the existence of such a funny dialect of humor. This excellent film features several famous cameos. One of them is Kim Eung Soo, Ahn Gil Kang, to Ma Deong Seok. Just like with several other films, Veteran is packaged into a good quality film.


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