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Have the advantage in the big Warkoppoker competition

Free food, discounted hotel room rates, extra cashback are all available when you become a slot club member. I just spent a night with my family at CasaBlanca Resort in Mesquite. We got a free room and a discount for ice cream. I got this without betting a dime at the casino.

Even if you are not a gambler, just by being a member of the slots club you may be entitled to a 10-20% discount on some hotel rates. It’s hard to put a value on some of these items and it varies from person to person visiting Warkoppoker. However, all in all, you can expect to get back 0.3% of your stake in the free. This takes 99.5% gaming and pushes it to 99.8% or higher. If you play a 100% -plus game, it only reduces the margin of error and you are much more likely to become a winner. I cannot stress this enough.

The latter is the easiest of all – get the Royals fair share. It’s back to being an EP and knowing the right strategy. A refund of close to or more than 100% assumes a perfect play by the player. You have to know the strategy of the game you are playing in order to do this. But, video poker still has an element of luck associated with it.

Using the right strategy, you will splurge around every 40,000 hands on the jack or better. This accounts for 2% of the returns. 99.5% game to 97.5% game as you wait for Kingdoms.

As a rule of thumb you can use the factor of 3 to figure out what to expect when it comes to something like this. If the average is one in 40,000, it’s not uncommon to potentially get 3 out of 40,000 or go 120,000 (40,000 times 3) hands without getting one. If you do the former, you might win. If you do the latter, you may have lost. In the long run, it will come out and you will get your fair share. It probably won’t feel that way in the short term.

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