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Do this to manipulate fraudulent gambling techniques

This is the second section I want to focus on in today’s column. The second part of the scene lists a series of cheating techniques which include the following: Throw Culls, Pickup Culls, Overhand Run Ups, and The Double Duke.

Discard and Pickup Culls: This is a mechanical magic method the mechanic uses to find the desired card which will later be stacked into a hand that gives him or someone on his team an advantage. The mechanic learned how to find cards when they were thrown in the shit and when they were picked up to be dealt next. He then manipulated the drawn cards during what seemed like the normal act of collecting and shuffling.

The Discard Cull: At home games, this move will often be made during the dealer’s choice match, where the deal is passed on the LuckyMpo visit table. Much of the cage game is loose, social atmosphere where drinking and joking is annoying enough for a player who has folded to literally rummage through the dumps as they are tossed in the shit.

Disposal will usually occur when the cheater gets out of hand before the deal. Then, once the cards are fully drawn and in complete control, he knows exactly where the drawn cards are and can now manipulate them to the bottom of the deck or in a stacking procedure that will give him or his partner the winning hand.

The Pickup Culls: Pickup Culls occurs during the table clearing action after the showdown. Pickup Culls are often seen as more deceptive than Discard Culls because no rabbits are involved. An adept mechanic can pick up a card while making it seem like he is just picking up the shit. Remember, only having simple knowledge of a few cards and where they are placed already gives a cheating edge. Anything beyond that, simply raise that edge and eventually go from having an edge, to controlling the outcome of the hand based on the cards drawn, then stacked and dealt back to play.

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