The WSOP-Tencent partnership will widen poker in Asia

The WSOP-Tencent partnership will widen poker in Asia – this year’s WSOP brings back the past of my last table performance in 1994, reflects what it means to me. Poker is much bigger today than it started. Nobody could have thought that poker could become a global event like it is today. WSOP announces cooperation with Tencent, the number one game publisher among China.

The WSOP-Tencent partnership will widen poker in Asia by producing live events, staff training and teaching tomorrow’s players. Tencent is currently worth $ 300 billion and is among the 10 most valuable companies in the world, signed with the likes of Apple and Google.

Many years ago I had a vision of streaming cash poker games on the Internet, visit poker88. It led me to make the first live stream of cash poker games on the Bicycle Casino, which later became Live at the Bike. That was 15 years ago.

Now that vision has grown to become this year’s WSOP Significant Event that has been broadcast and broadcast since Day 1. Partner with PokerGo, a digital video subscription service that gives fans access to private live poker competitions, increasing even more media excitement.

They’re doing expert work with the WSOP this year. The broadcast team for streaming as well as TV continues to move rapidly. I keep asking my wife to put the World Series on our TV; instead he handed me the tablet as an alternative.

ESPN observer Norman Chad has been a real treat this year. He also wears clothes like Hesp to give comedy. The all-star broadcast team included Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Lon McEachern, and Kara Scott.

Another is David Tuhman who started Live at the Bike. Antonio Esfandiari, Phil and Daniel – all the great players who gave us the colors and the discourse of the game we love. It will be interesting to see the latest number of viewers from the 2017 WSOP.

Most recently, I would like to congratulate the two WSOP Hall of Fame inductees being inaugurated this year, Phil Ivey and David “Devilfish” Ulliott. They are the 53rd individual and 54th Hall of Fame individual to enter the most private poker club.

Ivey’s set of requirements is key first with 10 WSOP wristbands in installments and $ 23,856,034 in live poker wins. He can be called the most popular poker player in the world.

Ulliott, who died of cancer in April 2015, has the highest ranking in poker for his role in growing the game in England.

His family commented on Important Moments this year by explaining: “One thing we know he will love is the development of Hesp on Important Events, a regular at Napoleon. John slowed down on what poker was – the actual game of some. “

I totally agree. Rest in peace.

Updated: November 25, 2020 — 11:26 pm