The first position some players have suggested opening a queen high

Apart from that, we can also start opening the best draws of our two cards such as A Spade Suit 3 Heart Suit 4 Spade Suit 5 Spade Suit. The low blocking spades give us more equity against the three card badugis which often require low spades and these cards also reduce the number of pots contested in multi-way. These cards also work better against badugis pats as we literally unblock any cards we may need to overtake weak claps.

In the cutoff, Queen High or Better Badugi is recommended even though it might be a bit closer than people think. A jack or better will lurk about 8.5 percent of the time, but we will often get into position and the pot will not often be fought over in multiple directions. When we are called to a draw one card from a blind position it is important because when out of position most opponents will play straight and we can check the river.

Any eight badugi trios are generally worth unlocking although with three players left to act, any tri badugi would do better by 44-55 per cent. If we are called upon when we have a rough grip like 5 Diamond Suits7 Heart Suits8 Club Suits turning our hands into snow at some point is something to consider.

For the most part, every A-2 or A-3 deserves to be unlocked unless our blockers are bad (eg A Spade Suit 2 Heart Suit 10 Diamond Suit J Diamond Suit) and the table is loose and aggressive.

The other two-card draw such as 2-3, A-4, and 2-4 are scoring calls where the deciding factor is the other two cards in your hand and the player remaining to act. Premium two-card draws are those with multiple low blockers, two pairs or trips. Those who are considered good may have a low one blocker and perhaps a relatively neutral card for you to hold like 2 Spades Suit 3 Heart Suit 4 Spade Suit Spade Suit.

Updated: November 27, 2020 — 12:46 pm