Negreanu Agrees To Play Between 10,000-25,000

Negreanu Agrees To Play Between 10,000-25,000 – Hands On Two Tables From $ 200- $ 400 No Limit Hold’em During public twitter negotiations surrounding the match, Negreanu offered to use the match to help raise money for charity. Polk refuses to publicly do anything for a particular charity, citing his insults for using charitable donations for publicity.

Towards the end of Negreanu’s post, he explained why exactly he was taking the worst of this match. In short, he said that for the benefit of the poker world, visit qiu qiu poker online gambling. That the fans wanted that game and he was willing to give it to them.

He also said that the entire dispute was based on attacking Polk via Polk’s popular YouTube channel. Polk tricked Negreanu on several occasions with his “More Rake is Better” campaign and more recently with a now-deleted YouTube video poking fun at Negreanu’s now-famous Twitch during the WSOP event stream.

“For years now this man has made a living from trashing me regularly, past unhealthy obsessions, regurgitating the same lines of attack over and over again,” Negreanu wrote. “Not because he truly believed I was an evil monster, but purely for personal gain disguised as standing up for a noble cause.”

The two continued their debate about this on Twitter Thursday afternoon. There are still some details that need to be worked out, but based on social media interactions, this is definitely personal.

Updated: November 25, 2020 — 11:24 pm