Demian Sallas’ last table

It is the chip leader, but finds itself in the middle of a tightly contested battle during the six-handed action. In this hand he took KQ to draw a match in the small blind and asked for a raise from Phillip Mighall in the cutoff. Mighall knocked out two pairs and made a small advance bet of 900,000 into a pot of 3,700,000 after Salas was checked.

Salas raised the king high with the back door straight and possibly flushed and chose to make the call. The 8 ™ in turn gave Salas a nut flush draw and he decided to semi-bluff, making a bet roughly two-thirds the size of the pot visit Senopatipoker. Mighall summons with aces and fours and 6 © completes the board game.

Salas fell to fourth place on the leaderboard after this hand, but ended up going on to third place with $ 814,663. Mighall defeated the last three players, including Salas, to secure the title and grand prize of $ 1,550,298.

Both possible flush draws are missed, but there are four cards for the straight on the board. Salas recently had a high king for battle value. While his two hearts make it possible his opponent won’t be able to get that draw either, there are also club-missed draws that he could fold. He decided to bet 9,000,000 into the 12,700,000 pot.

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Updated: November 24, 2020 — 7:02 am